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Raymon Pouwels, CEO of e-scooter startup GO Sharing. They had an impressive growth, raised over €70 million, reached over 350K users in less than 2 years.

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Data-Driven Mobility Strategies For Multimodal Transportation

Raymon Pouwels is the Co-Founder and CEO of GO Sharing, a company that offers 100 percent electric shared transport. Together with his great Co-Founders Donny van den Oever and Doeke Boersma, they launched their first 168 bright green, electric shared scooters in Eindhoven in September 2019, and the rest is history!

GO Sharing turned out to be a success story, in just 3 years, Raymon Pouwels, his co-founders and their great team have been able to be at the forefront of sustainable mobility.

But this did not just happen by coincidence, there were many things that played a role, such as the background of Raymon Pouwels, his co-founders, their long term vision and decision making, their focus on being sustainable at every aspect of the business caring about their customers, working closely together with city officials and more.

I had the honour to sit down with Raymon Pouwels to discuss his own personal story, why he entered this crazy mobility industry, what drives him his vision, mission and values and his personal goals. We also discussed what drives him to push our mobility industry forward.

This episode was a bit different than previous episodes, because in this episode we focused more in depth on the business, we went over the early days of GO Sharing, what makes them different, we discussed the different modes of transport that they provide, their future plans of expansion, their expansion strategy, we did a deep dive into their operations and the sustainability of the overal company and we discussed their continuous efforts to positively impact society in different ways such as allowing users to plant tree in Kenia through their usage of the GO Sharing service!

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