Philip Müller

Current Company

Unping builds the next generation of team collaboration software, providing a more immersive experience by using audio rooms, virtual personal desks, AR screensharing and more

“Hi, my name is Philip 👋 . Born and raised in Germany. Product person by heart and entrepreneur since 2011, started multiple companies in Berlin, Hamburg and Dortmund.

I am one of the @Unping co-founders, building the next generation of team collaboration software.

Back then I also co-founded and bootstrapped Fleetbird which was acquired by Wunder Mobility in 2018. Wunder Mobility has since then grown to one of the largest new mobility platforms in the world. Providing software solutions for clients (TIER, Deutsche Bahn, Emmy, Miles, Rheinenergie etc.) in over 70 cities worldwide.

Prior to starting as an entrepreneur I studied Business Economics at the University of Witten/Herdecke, a reputable, antroposophical oriented university in West-Germany” – Philip Müller

Podcast Episode

Unlocking The Micromobility Revolution Through White label Software

It was an honor to have Philip Müller as the first podcast guest, Philip and co-founder Ben played such a significant role for our micromobility industry that it was impossible for me to do a podcast about the early days of our industry without having Philip on the podcast.

Philip Müller is a product enthusiast at heart, has been an entrepreneur since 2011 and has founded several companies in Berlin, Hamburg and Dortmund.

He is co-founder and helped bootstrap Fleetbird, unlike other mobility startups, Fleetbird was soon profitable. Fleetbird was acquired by Wunder Mobility in 2018. Since then, Wunder Mobility has grown into one of the largest new mobility platforms in the world.

It offers software solutions to customers in over 70 cities worldwide. Before starting as an entrepreneur, Philip studied business administration at the University of Witten/Herdecke.

Philip together with Ben, with whom he had also co-founded Fleetbird, recently started a new company, Unping.

Unping helps remote teams to re-create in-person interactions, virtually.

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