Prabin Joel

Current Company

Prabin Joel Jones is the former CTO at Bond Mobility. previously, Prabin Joel Jones was the COO at e-motionlabs which sold to BOND MOBILITY. Currently Prabin is launching a new venture in foodtech.

Serial Entrepreneur and ex-CTO at BOND Mobility.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Mobility
  • Venture Development/Building
  • Innovation/Product Management
  • Growth Marketing
  • Business and Market Development
  • GlobalShoring (Offshoring/Nearshoring)
  • Data Analysis
  • Fullstack Application Development (React Native, React js, python)

Ventures Involved:

  • BOND Mobility – CTO
    • Premium Speed e-bike sharing company based in Zurich/Palo Alto with operations in Zurich, Munich and Hamburg.
  • e-motionlabs – COO
    • Light Electric Vehicle Connectivity (IOT) technology company, helping LEV OEM’s and Micromobility companies connect their assets to the cloud using our full stack connectivity solution.
  • Mayten – Founder, Managing Director
    • R&D Outsourcing company, helping SME’s outsource their work efficiently.
  • Kyte – CoFounder
    • Property Tech company, with Mobility as a core offering. Our platform enables communities to have a common tool for all their service offerings
Podcast Episode

Accelerating the Micromobility industry by sharing knowledge

Prabin Joel Jones is the former CTO at Bond Mobility. previously, Prabin Joel Jones was the COO at e-motionlabs which sold to BOND MOBILITY.

Prabin has been a big influence in the mobility industry for years through the many ventures he has been involved in and through his mobility reports. Prabin has been active in the micromobility industry since the very beginning, through his knowledge he has helped shape the industry and continues to do so.

His areas of expertise are very diverse, ranging from mobility, data analysis, venture development to full stack application development.

Prabin is currently starting a new venture in the health and food sector and he set up a fund to support people who don’t have access to health care.

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