Augustin Friedel is one of Germany’s best-known Shared Mobility Experts. Before joining Volkswagen, Augustin was responsible for building and developing several MoD (e.g. Uber, ioki) and logistics (e.g. ZipJet) services in European cities. He is the founder of the online mobility magazine GetMobility, which was acquired by Deutsche Bahn in 2018.
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The Mobility Industry through the eyes of The Mobility Analysts Who Were Around Since The Early Days: Augustin Friedel & Aléxandros Tziampazis

For years, Augustin Friedel has been sharing his market analysis & mobility reports so passionately with the whole industry. It was an honour to finally get to know the person behind these mobility insights that we all love to read. In this episode we discussed our industry: hardware, software, unit economics, expansion strategies and more.

We discussed everything from the very start to how it is today and we discussed how it could be in the near future.

This episode was an in-depth conversation where we went into the details, similar to the market analysis Augustin & Alexandros often share with us.

If you haven’t checked out his mobility market insights and reports yet, you most definitely need to check it out, he has a great understanding of the industry, from hardware, software, unit economics, acquisitions and more.

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