Government Position

State Secretary of the Brussels-Capital Region, responsible for Urbanism and Heritage, European and International Relations, Foreign Trade and Fire fighting and Emergency medical Assistance, as well as VGC college member for Culture, Youth, Sport, Community Centres, Living Together and Diversity

Join us in an illuminating episode of “The Early Days Podcast of Micromobility” as we engage in an insightful conversation with Pascal Smet. As a prominent figure in Brussels politics with a profound dedication to sustainable urban mobility, Pascal Smet shares his vision for the future of shared mobility, his experiences, and the initiatives that are shaping Brussels into a more accessible, livable, and interconnected city.

Podcast Episode

Building the Future of Brussels: A Visionary Perspective with Pascal Smet

Episode Highlights:

  • Gain insights into Pascal Smet’s transformative approach to urban mobility and transportation in Brussels.
  • Explore his vision for making Brussels more sustainable, accessible, and interconnected.
  • Learn about key projects and initiatives aimed at enhancing the mobility experience for residents and visitors.
  • Discover the role of community engagement and collaboration in shaping Brussels’ mobility landscape.
  • Get a glimpse into the future as Pascal Smet discusses upcoming projects and innovations that will continue to drive Brussels towards a more livable and efficient future.

Tune in to “The Early Days Podcast of Micromobility” for an engaging conversation with Pascal Smet, a trailblazer in urban mobility, and witness the incredible journey of innovation and transformation that is shaping the future of Brussels.