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VOI Technology

In this episode of the Early Days of Micromobility Podcast, we are joined by Fredrik Hjelm, a successful entrepreneur and CEO who is the Co-founder of Voi Technology. Fredrik founded Voi in 2018 with a vision of revolutionizing urban transportation by offering fleets of electric scooters as a cleaner, affordable, and exhilarating alternative to cars.

Prior to Voi, Fredrik founded Guestit, the Nordics’ most successful Airbnb management company, and worked in business development for, Russia’s leading classified advertising site. He has a long entrepreneurial history that started when he was just 12 years old, running a number of commercial projects including events, website sales, and forestry work while growing up in rural Sweden.

Podcast Episode

The Art of Disruption: A Discussion with Voi Co-Founder and CEO Fredrik Hjelm

In addition to his entrepreneurial pursuits, Fredrik has a unique background in linguistics and intelligence. He attended the Armed Forces Interpreter Academy and served a total of four years in Moscow in the Defence Attache Office, where he worked as an interpreter and analyst covering Russia, Kazakhstan, and Belarus. He also studied Business and Economics at the Stockholm School of Economics.

During this podcast episode, we dive into Fredrik’s experiences founding and leading Voi Technology, as well as his previous entrepreneurial ventures. We explore the challenges and opportunities of the micromobility industry and how Voi is positioning itself to be a major player in this space. We also discuss Fredrik’s unique background and how his experiences in intelligence and linguistics have informed his approach to entrepreneurship.

Overall, this episode offers a unique and fascinating insight into the early days of Voi and the future of micromobility, with Fredrik Hjelm providing valuable insights and perspectives on the industry.