Deputy Mayor of Mobility, Brussels

Join us in this thought-provoking conversation as we gain valuable insights into Bart Dhondt’s passion, his journey, and his tireless dedication to enhancing the quality of life for residents and visitors alike in Brussels through progressive and sustainable urban mobility solutions.

Tune in to this Early Days of Micromobility podcast episode to gain a deeper understanding of the complexities, triumphs, and aspirations of mobility in Brussels as we navigate through the strategies and initiatives with the visionary Alderman of Mobility and Public Works, Bart Dhondt.

Podcast Episode

Navigating Mobility in Brussels

Join us in this insightful conversation as we uncover Bart Dhondt’s personal journey, passion, and relentless commitment to enhancing Brussels’ urban mobility. From the challenges of implementing shared scooter drop zones to the promising prospects of the “Good Move” strategy, this episode offers an in-depth exploration of Brussels’ mobility evolution.

Tune in to “Early Days of Micromobility” and experience firsthand the compelling narratives and forward-thinking initiatives that are shaping the future of urban mobility in Brussels.

Join us as we navigate through the complexities of dedicated shared scooter drop zones, a hot topic in modern urban planning. Bart Dhondt provides an insider’s perspective on the challenges and breakthroughs in designing these zones to seamlessly integrate with Brussels’ historical character.

The episode also offers an exclusive preview of the upcoming shared scooter and shared bike public Tender—a peek into the future of shared mobility services that promises to reshape how residents and visitors traverse the city.

Bart Dhondt lifts the veil on the “Good Move” strategy, a visionary blueprint for transforming Brussels into a more livable and eco-friendly urban environment. Gain insights into the strategy’s holistic approach and its potential to redefine the mobility experience for everyone.

Explore the delicate balancing act between fostering innovation and ensuring compliance within the mobility landscape. Through thoughtful discussions, discover how Brussels is embracing cutting-edge technologies while maintaining order and safety in its streets.

Delve into the significance of public engagement and collaboration in shaping the mobility policies of a bustling metropolis. Learn how Bart Dhondt orchestrates partnerships and involves diverse stakeholders to craft solutions that harmonize with the city’s identity.

Bart Dhondt