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Co-Founder of Sports 1 Marketing | Consultant & Business Coach | Keynote Speaker | 3x Best-Selling Author


In his early 20s, David Meltzer quickly rose to the top of his game in the business world, becoming a millionaire. David lectured around the globe and saw rapid success in every business project he touched. But something was missing, and in his 30s as a multimillionaire, he went on a rapid downward spiral that ended in bankruptcy. It was only then that David realized, in order to revive and thrive, he needed to codify what had made him successful in the first place. He has since emerged to realize even more rewarding heights of success in business and life.

David Meltzer has created a platform that uses four overarching principles—gratitude, empathy, accountability, and effective communication—and these principles have allowed him to communicate and mentor everyone from college students to c-suite executives. These four principles in everyday practice allow David to live by his mission to “make a lot of money, help a lot of people, and have a lot of fun.”

Podcast Season 3

Early Days Game Changers

In this podcast episode, we will be speaking with entrepreneur David Meltzer about his journey in business and entrepreneurship, wealth creation, coaching, sports business, and writing books. David is a highly successful entrepreneur and business coach who has founded and co-founded multiple successful businesses, including Sports 1 Marketing and The Playbook podcast.

We will dive into David’s strategies for creating wealth and building successful businesses, as well as his experience coaching and mentoring others to achieve their goals. Additionally, we will explore David’s involvement in the sports business world and how his experiences in this industry have informed his approach to entrepreneurship.

Finally, we will discuss David’s career as a writer and the books he has authored, including “Connected to Goodness” and “Game-Time Decision Making.” Through this conversation, listeners will gain insights and inspiration for their own entrepreneurial and personal journeys.